Ode to my son

He’ll be completely mortified.  But won’t even be in the country, so I can basically I can do what I like. My baby boy is 17 today.  And I couldn’t be a prouder mother, of both my kids, but today I’m focusing on Robert.

Robert at the JHI's
Robert at the JHI’s

From the minute he arrived- ten days late, he lit up our lives.  And those lives around him. And hasn’t stopped since then.  He’s always loved the outdoors, and has embraced it fully over the last number of years with his orienteering.


And he also loves to cook- definitely in the family tradition- and is officially head food stylist when I’m trying to sort my shots out!  And every time he’s on stage- I simply burst with pride.

Robert's own cookies and food styling
Robert’s own cookies and food styling

And as for his future- well after driving lessons it’s really all up to him. So-

Winnie thePooh
Winnie the Pooh
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