Our house… in the middle of the street..

Christmas came a little early for me this year.  Santa has been very good.  I got the outside of my house tarmac’d.

Our House
Our House

Doesn’t really sound like a big deal. But if you’ve seen the tonnes of farm mud that has been trapsed through my house the last 13 years you’d understand. And yes, like a muppet I got white tiles in the hall. I love them. Simple as. The wooden half of the house came from a company called Lapponia House.  My sister in law is Finnish and knew of the company.  We never intended building a wooden building when we moved back from Cork, it just kind of evolved.  The foundations were dug the day I went into labour with Jordan, 18th August 2002, and although the frame was constructed in about 5 days, it takes a long time to finish the interior. Then we decided the kitchen really wasn’t big enough so started an extension.  The costs of importing from Finland had drastically increased in the 7 or so years, so we went with steel this time.

Our extension in progress from the back
The extension

We faced this extension in stone to blend with the stone wall around the wooden section.  It took longer than the 5 days to build, but was finished Christmas Eve.  We spend that Christmas painting it completely, and although had really only added on a couple of rooms, the new kitchen made such a difference.

Pims 474
Washing the famous white tiles

Then this year, we decided to finish the outside of the house (I know, I know- we waited a while!).  So a  strip of grass was laid at the front, and a patio. You know, for those long summer days lazing with a glass of wine ….

Monday 12th October 011
Pre Grass Growth

Fingers crossed we get some dry weather. But we’ve already used it, and look forward to using it more.  Now, I wonder what the next project is???? Suppose we’d better finish the kitchen!

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