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The poor maligned sausage

With all the WHO HA (excuse the pun) about sausages and processed meat, I decided there was no better honour then making an old fashioned Toad in the Hole.  We all love it at home.

The earliest reference of this dish, or similar dish, is found in Hannah Glasses’s “The Art of Cookery, where she talks of putting yorkshire pudding batter over pigeons. British cuisine especially has unusual names for dishes- roly poly pudding, bubble and squeak! There are every type of recipe to choose from.  Some use water and milk in the batter (makes it a little lighter).  Some use sparkling water, which gives a VERY light batter, but the end result is then not so filling.  Some add other flavours, sage or tomato ketchup.  It very much depends on the occasion I feel. But stick to good sausage meat, and a nice generous batter.

It’s not complicated, it’s not rocket science- but there are a couple of basics:

A good pan, is a complete must.

Good quality Sausage Meat: Preferably from your local butcher, but if I can give you one bit of advice, don’t buy the cheapest sausage meat.  It’s just not worth it, and that goes for all meat. I fry them up in the good quality extra virgin olive oil until starting to brown, then set aside while I make the batter.


The Humble Sausage

The next thing to get right is the batter.  There’s always a lot of smoke and mirrors around yorkshire pudding batter.  It’s not that complicated.  I don’t ever seem to have time to rest it, and my “secret” is to NOT whisk it too much, and make sure to put it into a really really hot oven.


Toad in the Hole
Toad in the Hole- in progress


Toad in the Hole-

Serves 4


350ml full-fat milk

4 large eggs

250g plain flour

Pinch of salt

8 good quality Pork sausage links

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

small rectangular roasting tin or pyrex ovenproof dish, or use the frying pan



Preheat the oven to 220°C. Heat the oil in a good quality, oven ready frying pan, with deep sides and brown the sausages for about 1 minute each side: you need do no more than make them look caramel brown.

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, milk and salt, whisk in the flour, but its ok, and actually better if there are still a few lumps.

With the sausages and oil still hot, pour in the batter.  Absolutely immediately put into the oven for about 35 minutes or until the edges of the batter have risen and turned golden, and the eggy middle has set.

Serve immediately, with a rich gravy if you have one, or I simply add a green salad.


Toad in the Hole
The best way to enjoy sausage for dinner


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