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Sitting in the Dark

This month I have been very aware of all the talk around Mental Health. And of how lucky we are in Ireland (and Europe) to be relatively unaffected on a day to day level, by extreme weather conditions.  We are never in the dark for very long. And never more was the below quote more relevant to both situations.

The Dark Side

I, like most people, have my dark days.  Usually when I’m tired. And I feel out of control. And need to “get my affairs” in order to right myself. Luckily I have a few friends who are quite happy to sit with me in the dark.  And I would like, in return to offer myself to my friends and acquaintances to also, be that silent sitter. Just being with someone, not offering advice, just simply being there, can make all the difference.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also one for a bit of a rant.  The phone is often burning.  But that real low can sometimes be difficult to tackle when all the balls you’ve been juggling in the air come crashing down around your head.

Then, for example, the hurricane hits, and not the metaphorical one that has been building in your head.  The actual horror of a hurricane.  As I work in Cork now I decided to travel from Waterford to Cork on the Sunday night so as to avoid travelling during the storm. And suffice to saw after 24 hours, most of it without power, and any means of communication with the outside world, I was incredibly thankful to see a sunrise.

But we were all safe, the buildings relatively intact and apart from the unfortunate side effect of long term lack of electricity, we were all fine.  Good even. And that’s sometimes how it is.

There’s a storm, then darkness, then the light starts slipping in again.  We feel  a bit shook, but ultimately come out the other side. But for many, it’s not that simple.  If that’s you, I’m here.  Ready to sit with you in the dark.





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