Sometimes only cheese on toast will do

My Godmother use to make me cheese on toast for “supper” with a big mug of steaming cocoa.  It’s my go to lunch when the cupboard is bare and a little quick warmth is required. Shop bought bread is usually my choice.  I buy a small loaf (Brennans Half and half) every now and then and stick it in the freezer for the toasted cheese sandwich emergency.


Cheese on Toast
Cheese on Toast

Then there’s the whole butter- no butter debate.  I like to toast one side under the grill, then turn over and butter the non grilled side.  Next the cheese goes on.  Then re grilled until golden and bubbly.

We don’t eat “red” cheddar, only white.  And we usually have either Kilmeadan or Wexford types in the fridge.  But I’m not particularly fussy when I’m melting it anyway.  We use to always use Kilmeadan but have been a bit miffed that its now not produced a) in Kilmeadan, or even b) Waterford.  Humph.  Sometimes if the cheddar is a little dry, I’ll put a knob of butter on the top.  Cause there aren’t enough calories on it anyway (LOL)

I rememver when my Dad got a toasted sandwich maker.  I reckon I made 20 at least in the first month.  Cheese toasties all the way.  Dad use to also break an egg into one oof the sides, but I could never go there myself.

In fact, after the novelty of the sandwich maker wore off, I never really went for closed sandwiches toasted.  I’ve stuck to the open ones.

Posh Cheese on Toast

Posh cheese on toast for me consists of French bread, some really creamy goats cheese, and top class onion marmalade. Even thinking about it is making me hungry.  Brie is also good, but a real Monte Enebro from Spain makes this the most perfect dish, paired with a Moscatel Pasas. *sigh*.  Maybe for Christmas Eve.







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