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Spring Clean

Everyone is slightly obsessed with cleaning at the moment. Can I just say? I’ve been extolling the virtues of cleaning to all who’ll listen for YEARS. But it has suddenly gone HUGE. People are watching instagram stories of cleaners, both professional and those that are just giving hints and tips about making the drudgery of cleaning your home easier, and dare I say it, more fun. Mrs Hinch is probably the most well known, she is an ace at short bursts of cleaning, with lots of hints and tips. I could actually watch her for hours! And who DOESN’T want a minkah???? Then there’s the *pixiestamp* (look it up- it’s a THING)

Of course there are other ways to Spring Clean.  For many, the arrival of spring means that Winter is finally over for another year, and soon the leaves will be back on the trees, and the daffodils blooming.


Spring Clean
The brief moment of a clean kitchen …

For me though, the Spring is about new beginnings. It’s about getting everything organised and setting goals. In fact, I don’t really understand why anyone makes resolutions on Jan. 1, and as I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of resolutions.  When the days are brighter is a much better time to assess goals and begin anew. There’s just something about making promises to yourself in the dead of winter that feels like a recipe for failure, and frankly, we all deserve better than that. Why not set goals when you actually have a chance to achieve them!

Spring Cleaning;

  • Set Goals

As a family, we’ve started making a list of weekly goals, not many, just one or two, to help keep us focused.  I find writing them down makes it harder to ignore them. Plus you are not accountable to the rest of the family. Who’ll happily kick your ass for forgetting your stretches goal!

  • De-clutter your social media

Everyone says this. And to be honest, de-cluttering your social media means you are on the platform that you are actually trying to avoid.  Some people delete the social media apps off their phone.  I have moved them to the second screen.  Not insta though.  Obviously! But if you are still are your phone too much, there’s a dinky little extra on the iphone, where you can track your screentime.  Google it.

  • Eat the rainbow

Each year, usually at the very beginning of January, there’s a myriad of diets that promise health, happiness and a pot of something gold at the end of the rainbow. So instead of a fad, just “eat” your rainbow of colours.. in moderation…

  • Do a de-clutter and help your soul

When we did a major clean out of our home after Christmas, we gathered up a carful of things we donated to charity. And if I’m being honest I can’t remember everything that we gave away.  All I know is- it felt good to hopefully help raise money for a charity. We also donated lots of old medals the kids had won over the years at the miliions of sporting events they attend. And good news is that they can be used again, and have gone to the special needs school in Waterford. Double good day for the soul!







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