Starting at the Start Day 4

I really enjoy making sourdough these days, and really really really (ok no more really in the post) was looking forward to my education with Richard.   and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Mind you, as usual he wasn’t content with just one dough, we made several.

Although I think the one Nigel and myself were proudest of was the apple bread using a starter ferment that Richard had made the day before using Nigel’s cider.  It was liking introducing our children to the world, we were like nervous parents!

Starting with cider....
Starting with cider….

The smell was really good, and I learnt today that the fragrance of the starting ferment, will be mimicked in the finished bread.  Similar to using a beer in a poolish (also a type of ferment), you can use cider, and even Guinness.  Richard gave a nod to the Irish contingency today by adding some of the iconic Irish Stout to the brown dough in place of some water. This brown dough challenged us, we made stars and plaits and a myriad of shapes…

Brown Bread shapes
Brown Bread shapes

At this stage, you just can’t be notice the amount of dough mixed every day in the class.  You need to be organised, and certainly have your head screwed on.  But its such fun.  Our group are really starting to know each other, and I’ll be very sad to say goodbye tomorrow.  We literally broken bread together on a large scale!   Once again I found great comradeship with other like minded people who just love to talk about, and eat food- this week specifically bread.

And if I thought yesterdays lunch was good- todays completely took the biscuit…. or rather the cheese.  A huge brie cheese to be exact.  Honest to goodness it’s the first thing I’m going to make on Saturday (after my deliveries!)


Brie Baked in a dough crust. DIVINE

I actually thought it was the most divine combination ever.  And then we had doughnuts….

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