Taking time out

It’s always such a mad rush to get everything done in time in the run up to Christmas. Then- nothing. And that’s a good thing. Except my body decided to tell me to stop, completely stop as I succumbed to a really nasty head-cold which has left me feeling exhausted and rough in the extreme.

It’s been strange to not be baking into the small hours of the morning and then getting up early to start all over again.  So we’ve been staying in, reading, watching films and generally doing nothing.  Mind you, after a couple of days of leftovers it was lovely to make soup yesterday.  Pea soup with some of the Christmas ham diced into it. Even more delicious than I remember it.

Pea Soup
Pea Soup

Sometimes it’s the plain and simple that tastes the best.  Except for that last scrap of Christmas pudding that I’m saving for a special moment- not so plain and not so simple.  But I think because I only make it once a year- it tastes so good.

Tomorrow I’ll head further back into the kitchen.  I plan on making a pannetone. Takes two days- but I’m looking forward to it already.  And I have some pastry to use up…..

But for now it will be walks on the farm and a little gentle cooking.

Swan on the lake

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