After travelling through Italy to get there, I was a *little tired and fractious when we arrived at Camp Marlice, in the village Trevignin.  So the tiny little cabin was a bit of a shock after our time in Switzerland.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s in the most gorgeous area, with views to die for.  And the rooms were lovely and cool that we spelt in night- and that’s a definite plus in this heat.  But still- there’s no oven- or BBQ.  So we might have to purchase one (a BBQ that is!) as feeding the masses on a hob is more challenging than possible, and although there is a microwave- I refuse really to do anything in one other than heat milk- and then only if I have to.

Breakfast in Marlice

To be fair and honest, these cute little cabins are not really made for mass catering, and at least we can all eat outside.  This week is purely training with some small events planned so hopefully will be a bit more relaxed and holiday like.  I hope.

Annecy has the most beautiful lake and the area is used all year round for both skiing and snow sports in the Winter and for hiking and water sports in the Summer.  Aix de Bains is our closest town and I’m very much looking forward to the market there in Wednesday. More of that in another post.  A little like Scuol in Switzerland, this is also a spa town and was used by the rich and famous for years, now though, since the recession, it’s being promoted as a tourist destination for all.

Our Balcony in Marlice

Today’s plan? Not entirely sure- but it will involve some orienteering in a forest not too far away- followed probably by a couple of glasses of vino and a nice French produce meal- salad is sounding attractive considering the cooking facilities!

However all is forgotten when we arrive to the coaches house for food and meetings.  The view is spectacular, and the company excellent!

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