The Sugar Trap

I have THE sweetest tooth.  I have known for quite some time that it is my fatal flaw. And a funny sweet tooth at that.  Sometimes I long for a moro bar, sometimes only a tiffin will hit the spot. But mostly it’s baked goods.  Like a custard slice of a piece of cheesecake.  Or the Bertinet Recipe Doughnuts. I think its a good thing that I don’t live anywhere near a good bakery, or else I’d be twice the size I am.

Doughnut heaven
Doughnut heaven

So essentially if I want to eat something really nice, I have to bake it. This, however, also has it’s downside, in that I am baking a WHOLE cake, and guess who’s going to eat it?

But we love to get together as a family to bake, so we won’t be removing that family time completely from our lives.

This week Jordan brought home a letter from school asking that the parent and child come up with a 10 point healthy eating plan.

Here’s mine!

1. Don’t feel overly guilty.  Tomorrow is another day.

2. Sleep.  Very important.

3. Start the day with a good, healthy breakfast, that way if things go south, the whole day isn’t a disaster.

4. Exercise. Anything at all is a start, washing the kitchen floor is a good way to start the morning.

5. Try to eat smaller portions.  This is the most important point for me.

6. Eat slower, let your brain catch up with your eyes.

7. Eat a variety of colours in your food… and I don’t mean skittles or jellybeans!

8. Don’t skip meals. Not good at all!!

9. Let green be your friend. Lots and lots of green vegetables.

10.  Enjoy your food, life’s too short!


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