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The Winning Mussel Recipe- Kush Organic Mussels

Cockles and Mussels served with leeks, mashed potato and a carrageen moss sauce.



Potatoes (for mashing)


Carrigeen moss (couple of tablespoons) chopped


White Wine

Leeks, thoroughly cleaned and finely chopped



Salt/ Pepper

To Serve; Young Sea Greens/ sweet vinaigrette


1.       Peel and boil the potatoes in salted water under soft, Drain and mash with lots of seasoning and some butter.

2.       Meanwhile, sauté the leeks in a knob of the butter for about 5 minutes until golden in colour.

3.       Clean and debeard the mussels. If any mussels are opened, tap them lightly on a hard surface. If they don’t close, discard them.

4.       Add the thoroughly washed mussels and cockles to the leeks with a glass of white wine.

5.       Put a tightly fitting lid on the pan and cook the mussels for about 3-4 minutes, giving the pan a shake from time to time. The mussels/ cockles  are cooked when they’ve opened up. Be sure to discard any that don’t open.

6.       Remove the shellfish with a slotted spoon to a warm serving dish.

7.       Add the carrigeen moss and 75ml of cream, heat until the sauce has slightly thickened, then pour over the shellfish.

8.       Serve with the mashed potato, the salad of sea greens (beet is my favourite, you can wilt it in the pan if it’s not young enough to eat raw.) and a dash of vinaigrette.

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