A French Supermarket marathon

I love to shop in a French Supermarket.  The bigger the better. The one we visited in Strasbourg was just mahoosive. We were of course on a mission. To purchase as much as we could, for as reasonable a price as we could, for the team in Switzerland for the next two weeks.  So this meant LOTS of pasta etc.  With enough fresh produce to see himself and myself over the weekend until everyone arrives.

E. Leclerc is one of the main supermarkets in France, along with Carrefour (another firm favourite.  And my kids were probably counting their luck stars that they weren’t being dragged along.  As it was I’d say I looked a little like a Chinese tourist in Trinity College- click, click, click.

Of Course the first thing you see in a french supermarket is all the wine.

French Supermarkets


And all the cheese

French Supermarket Shopping
Every type of cheese including my all tine favourite Tete a moine

And all the fish

French Supermarkets


And all the veg and salads.

French Supermarkets
I have a serious tomato fetish. Seriously.

Basically it’s like an Irish Supermarket on steroids.  And not only does the french supermarket stock only in season vegetables, it also stocks cheese that’s in season.  Oh yeah baby.  I was in HEAVEN.

French Supermarkets
A little more choice than just “superquinn” sausages here!

The patisserie caught my eye (OBVS) and after drooling carelessly over just about everything I persuaded himself to sit down for a coffee to *try* a little something out.  You know, cause we were on holidays??  It’s very convenient to have a cafe in the middle of the Supermarket. As we were actually starting to wane at that stage!

French Supermarkets
“Come to Mama”


I could have taken a thousand pictures, and will take more when we are back in France in two weeks time.  It’ll be interesting to compare it to the Swiss Supermarket.  We will see if the rumours about price are true.  I really hope not, as we’ve a lot of mouths to feed!





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