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Tomato Soup- perfect Autumn comfort

We have lots of tomatoes, which is great, and I’ve frozen lots, so the time had come to make Tomato soup.  I find it’s a bit more fiddly than some other soups.  This is really only due to the fact that you have to sieve it, so the seeds are removed at the end.

Freshly picked off the vine

I use Tom Kerridge’s recipe for posh tomato soup, and even though it’s not a one pot wonder, the result is wellbeing in a mug.  But there are a myriad of recipes, some easier than others. Another recipe that is very simple and tasty, is a roasted tomato soup.Which simply roasts halved tomatoes with some garlic and onion, then this gets blitzed when the tomatoes are turning mushy.  This is also good as a tomato base for homemade pizza.

Tomatoes are easy to grow.  Any place in the sun will nuture a cherry tomato plant.  We are very lucky to have a small greenhouse attached to my father in laws garage.  The horses provide the manure, the eldest provides the manual labour.

The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse

The buzzword for tomatoes at the moment is Heirloom.  With a lower yield than commercially produced seeds, they are not commercially viable but we find less prone to disease.  They do taste good, amazing in fact.  Thankfully genetic modification of tomatoes wasn’t a runner, so we have escaped that catastrophe, their molecular make up is to complex to modify.

A tomato can take up to sixty days to ripen, once the green chlorophyll degrades in the sun, the red colour  indicates the acidity decreasing, and the full flavour develops.  Once a fully ripened tomato is picked, its flavour deteriorates quickly. There are more than four hundred compounds, aromatic as well as flavourful, in the fruit. They all act in concert to let you know you are eating a tomato rather than a turnip.

Oh, and yes, it IS a fruit….

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