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There’s a lot of talk here in Ireland, especially since the horse meat scandal (lucky escape there Missy).  And traceability has become the buzz word.

But we now LIKE to know where our food comes from, accurately, and in that regard legislation probably needs to catch up.  So I was disappointed to recently eat in a restaurant who’s philosophy is wholly behind local, and as far as possible organic, yet no mention of it anywhere.

A friend had been to this restaurant and had told me about it, so we decided to try it.  And were, to be honest, disappointed.  I had to ask one of the owners about the food, as there was nothing anywhere, in the menus, or on blackboards in the restaurant about the organic/ local policy.

Darina drummed into us, find your unique selling point, be it an amazing local supplier, or a special dish.  And SHOUT about it.  Make sure everyone knows.  Put the supplier names on the menus.  Tell everyone!

Now I understand the traceability can be taken to extremes-

But I LIKE to know where the beef came from, and the wine.  And I think it’s not too much to ask for it to be either visible in the restaurant or on the menus.  And, no I don’t mind that it’s not organic if it’s local.  I’d far prefer to have carrots from a local farmer then from a different country, just because they are organic.

Clear labelling of food we purchase is also an issue for me.  A quote from my guru Michael Pollan “Don’t eat anything that your Great Grandmother won;t recognise as food”, rings true, but I think we need to bring it a step further.  Don’t eat anything whose ingredients you can’t pronounce!

I think origin labelling for all produce should be compulsory, did you know that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found 20% of fish sold in Ireland  were not as labelled?

Enough Ranting!

Gary Larson's Chicken Cartoon
Gary Larson’s Chicken Cartoon




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