Training- 9/7/13- Guest Blog by: Ruairí Long - Jen's Kitchen

Training- 9/7/13- Guest Blog by: Ruairí Long

Guest Blogger Extraordinaire
Guest Blogger Extraordinaire

Having heard we had two ‘rest’ days, our manager immediately decided we would get some maps to train, and so we found ourselves in a car-park in the Finnish forest. For a change, boys would go with girls and visa versa. After a short talk, we headed into our first control as a group, with myself, the ‘elite’ sixteens and the W14s. I paired up with one of the W14s, and we headed to number 1 under the careful watch of our coach. The map we had was a middle distance training for WOC, and so we used only a few controls.

After a good first control, myself and my partner made a mistake to No.7, ending up too far right. Our coach appeared and she told us the jist of where we were. At No.7 we switched pairs, and I headed away with one of my friends, an ‘elite’ M16.

We went to No.3 a lot faster then previously and soon hit the control. A good next route choice by my partner meant that as we left our next control, No.2, we met some team-mates heading to No.2. I did the next route and was happy when we found it fine.

Now for some embarrassment! Going back to the car-park, I missed the path and ended up at a different control, My partner also made an error, and when we met at the finish we were both annoyed!

The training itself had been very technical, being meant for the real elites running WOC! Also mosquitos were constant ‘companions’ which made waiting around hard

We then headed for a swim, and after a lot of diving, jumping and messing (to no avail!) we got out of the lovely warm water feeling refreshed.  I’m glad we did the training as it will prepare us for oncoming days, as the terrain was new and different to elsewhere.

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