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Travelling with the blinds down

I was VERY excited to be travelling to New Orleans (I know, I’m sorry, you’re sick of hearing about it!!).  Packing and getting the flight for me is half the fun, and the breakfast before hand obviously!

Tuesday 04 Au 028


The flight was getting into Washington at around 6pm, so I was looking forward to seeing my first glimpse of one of the most important cities on the planet! Even if I would only be seeing it from the air.  As I was flying onwards later that evening.

Little did I know that these days, everyone pulls the blinds down, for the ENTIRE TRIP.  I thought maybe it was just going to be for the flight over the sea, but no, every single blind was down!  I think I was the only one on the plane who was excited to be travelling so far, to a place I’d never been.


I am a nervous traveller, although less as I do more of it.  My OCD always kicks in, and this causes me a little stress, but is there anything more exciting than seeing a new country or city for the first time?

When Nigel and I were driving the “Back” roads down through France to the Pyrenees, were arrived around 4 hours later than we’d hoped as we spent so much time stopping to take photos around every bend. Which we LOVED.

Even when Robert or any other family head away, I love looking at the pictures and hearing the stories, and although I am a true home bird, a trip every now and then makes life exciting.

So I, definitely do NOT travel with the blinds down.


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