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Tuesday Already?

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. Monday just seemed to go so fast.  Before I knew what hit me I was sitting in the car dazed after information overload.

The entrance hall at the cookery school shop
The entrance hall at the cookery school shop

Today was the first day cooking in our designated kitchen, we had various talks from the teachers in relation to the different areas, cleaning up etc, etc.

What struck me most about the day, was the wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is so very helpful and willing to impart knowledge.  Lunch was almost an emotional affair as we had worked so hard as a team to produce what, even if I do say so myself, looked, and tasty great.

It was so good to hear comments from the other people at our tables, one of my fellow students professes to not liking mushrooms, yet, really enjoyed the mushroom pasta dish.  I only regret not being able to taste the cheese that was on, I completely forgot!

The salads served each day at the lunch are legendary, and when you see all the composite ingredients, it gives you an enormous respect for the people growing , or foraging for the ingredients. 2015-01-06 10.44.31

Now all I have to do is learn the names…..




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