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Valentines Day Treats

I’ve been asked to make some Valentine treats for customers and I thought I would share some ideas. Many people don’t want to go out Valentine’s night, and this year, being a Tuesday, it might suit you better to spend the evening.

“Take 6 Small Kisses

         Throw in 2 mahoosive hugs

                 A heaped cup of kindness

                              And a whole lot of love

                                          Mix together with happiness

                                                         And share between two hearts”


I’ll be putting the recipe for these in this months newsletter- but biscuits are always a nice gift.  Either munch on them with a cup of tea, or serve with a light chocolate mousse as a dessert.

Valentines Gifts
Valentines Gifts

Of course, with a chocolate theme comes, for me, one of my secret pleasures- Brownies.  Here I’ve made them in the shape of hearts, but they taste the same in slabs!
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And if all comes to all, you can just go all out and have a heart shaped cake…

Valentines Cake
Valentines Cake

Let me know if you want to order any of the above, or are looking for ideas to cook yourself for a special dinner-

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