White Chocolate & Orange Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are a very special thing to be asked to make.  And everyone has their favourites.  And depending on the time of year, my favourite type of cake changes.  In the Summer I love a light strawberry sponge, in the winter, a caramelised apple or dark, dark chocolate cake goes down well.

One of the girls in the office had a birthday recently, and as it customary we had a cake.  I decided to continue my foray into white chocolate.  I had seen a recipe that pairs the white chocolate with some orange, and thought yes, this is the one.  Don’t know who Barney Desmazery is, but the recipe works!  So all credit to you sir.

The secret to the sponge, I believe, is separating the egg whites from the yolks, and then whisking them until lighter than light.
Friday 05Feb 006

 This is then added to the usual sponge ingredients, with the addition of lots of zested orange and some ground almonds. I cook it in two tins, for two layers, instead of trying to slice a larger sponge into layers.  This is because the sponge is quite fragile.


What gives this cake an extra extra edge is the icing.  It’s whipped Crème fraiche, with added melted white chocolate makes for the most glorious icing.  Cream or buttercream icing is just too rich for the white chocolate, and makes the whole ensemble too sweet.  I like to melt chocolate and make it into curls to go on the top.

White Chocolate & Orange Cake
White Chocolate & Orange Cake

And here’s a sneaky look at the resulting cake on a plate- and by the way, it passed the taste test too!!! Definitely one to make again.

Friday 05 Feb 2 001
A not very good picture of the half eaten slice of cake

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